A Burke Campbell Survey

Recently, in Toronto, there’s been a great deal of talk about the Independent Theatre Movement. In fact, though the term “indie theatre” is commonly bandied about the theatre scene, it has no particular definition. What does independent mean? Exactly what is “indie theatre” or what is an “indie playwright”?  Independent from WHAT?

Since I’m fond of clarity, I’d like to create a blog posting that works toward a more specific idea of what independent theatre is, and what the term means.

So, if you’re a theatre artist or you work in theatre, I’d appreciate it if you’d make a brief comment on what you believe the independent theatre movement is.  Or what it’s “independent” from or of.  Or even if an indie theatre exists! Please answer concisely. I’d like to gather up the more interesting comments and post them on my blog. If you’d like to write to me privately, just send me a message on Facebook. Thanks!

About Burke Campbell

Photographer, Writer, Journalist, Dramatist.
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  1. Darrel says:

    I suppose it means “independent of the hegemony”, which in this case is the duality of government funded theatres and commercial theatres. Also Soulpepper, which exists in the only example of caring capitalism. But basically, a theatre that runs of its own volition, without any operational funding. It will almost never have a board, and therefore, is independent of anyone to answer to.

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