David Michael Moote. Publicity photo.

Last few chances to see the musical hit JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR at Hart House Theatre. The audience really loves this one, and there’s a number of reasons you should see it before it closes, on Saturday, January 31. The cast is full of talent and energy and the audience is a mix of the very young and the boomer “nostalgia crowd”.

Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar. Publicity photo.


Jesus Christ Superstar

Cast: Jesus Christ Superstar

But one really ought to catch David Michael Moote as Jesus. He’s new to the theatre scene and his voice has undeniable power, range, and beauty.  In fact, I suspect many of the young thought he WAS Jesus and couldn’t wait to get a “selfie” with the Messiah after the show.

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David Michael Moote. Publicity photo.

David Michael Moote. Publicity photo.

David Michael Moote. Publicity photo.

Rather than discuss the pros and cons of this production, I really think you should just go. The music, dancing, and the sheer force of the cast will grab you. Indulge yourself. You’ll have a good time!

Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar, Lyrics by Tim Rice/ Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Directed by Luke Brown. Cast includes: David Michael Moote, Aaron Williams, Claire Hunter, Harold Lumilan, James King, Matthew Fuller, Mark Gallagher, Jeremy Hutton, Saphire Demitro, Bryan Kling, Stephanie Schmid, Sheree Spencer, Mathieu Aubin, Alison Blair, Mike Buchanan, Scott Labonte, Toshie Murohashi, Chiano Panth, Vanessa Salazar, Jaymie Sampa, Leah Sutton.


Tickets at Hart House (University of Toronto)


Note: All publicity photos provided.


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