It’s almost PRIDE in Toronto, and thousands of visitors will arrive for the party of all parties. It’s a time for dressing up real wild. So, I just thought I’d mention that there’s a store that’s near and dear to all those who love fantasy, fetish, or just plain swanking it up in style.

Northbound Leather is a legendary store in downtown Toronto. At Northbound, you can find anything you’ve ever dreamt of in leather, rubber, latex, and all that goes with it. And if they don’t have it, they can make it for you. Even if you want to shop, but you’re a bit shy, or you want to do so discreetly, a private consultation and fitting can be arranged.

Years back, owner George Giaouris was approached by “show biz” people to make leather outfits. Eventually, Northbound became famous for creating “fetish” apparel, and pioneering the market. In the early 1990s, Northbound also made its inventory available online with one of the world’s first websites. After that, its reputation grew internationally.

The store is centrally located, on Yonge Street, and very close to the gay village. Walk through the front door and you’re suddenly inside a fabulous erotic playground, filled with extraordinary designs, beautifully crafted.

@ Burke Campbell @ Burke Campbell @ Burke Campbell

This week, I dropped by and spoke with the store’s manager, Laurence. He’s a handsome, sweet guy, and he obliged me by modelling a number of the store’s offerings.

Incidentally, the store caters to both men and women, and the staff’s educated and easy to talk to.  Northbound also has wonderful “accessories” that go with the outfits.

Check out: http://northbound.com/

All photos by Burke Campbell. Camera by Nikon.


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