For the past 3 days, the legendary Cafe California joined up with Calvin Klein to put on the hottest fashion shows of men’s underwear. In celebration of Toronto PRIDE, sizzling models danced, jiggled, and gave it all away inside the famous restaurant,  and outside, on Church Street. Crowds gathered to watch models walk a “catwalk” without a net!

@ Burke Campbell image 042 - Ryan 2

Photo by Burke Campbell

Photo by Burke Campbell

Not only were there models, but one handsome guy was actually recruited from the crowd, interviewed, given a pair of Calvins, and put to work, modeling! Things happen FAST in this town.

So if you’re visiting Toronto, you’d be wise to drop by Cafe California for a meal, a drink, or just to say hello. The restaurant and bar helped to create the gay village by offering gorgeous food and the friendliest staff around.

Bless you all and have a Happy PRIDE.

Cafe California:

All photos by Burke Campbell.


About Burke Campbell

Photographer, Writer, Journalist, Dramatist.
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