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MILF LIFE CRISIS, written and performed by Anne Marie Scheffler, is a comic romp through the stress of a woman, with children, getting a divorce. Appearing alone on stage, Scheffler becomes the husband who rejects her, her various girlfriends, and the numerous characters she meets as she seeks to find sex after marriage.  MILF is frank and funny, and as the show goes on, it becomes an interesting snapshot of a society where divorce is increasing commonplace, as male and female roles change dramatically.

MILF appears inspired by Scheffler’s own life experience, at least that’s the impression we get. What starts as her desire to fulfill her career ambition, along with her husband’s symbolic gesture of buying a king-size bed, triggers the process of marriage derailment. As in any relationship, what people say and what is actually going on may be two different things, and one does wonder how much most couples really talk to each other. Or listen. But whatever the reason for divorce, the aftermath is often a dark comedy.

If anyone has ever tried “dating”, it’s pure torture. You go to bars, you go to events, you go anywhere you might meet another person searching for love or carnal engagement. And a divorced woman looking for sex has to re-learn all the rules of this mindless game. Also, with modern phone apps, there are thousands of men looking for sex with women round the clock, with pictures and profiles, and this adds endless opportunities.

But do such relationships end in one-night stands or evolve into those of depth and endurance? That is the question. Anne Marie Scheffler doesn’t offer answers. What she does offer is a lot of zany fun and observations, and the audience has a very good time.

Personally, I like going to the Red Sandcastle Theatre. You can drop by, buy a ticket, and be thoroughly entertained for over an hour, and come out feeling great. Leslieville is a wonderful neighborhood, too, where one can have dinner or drinks at fine places like The Roy Public House or Braised. MILF Life Crisis is perfect for this weather, too. It’s light, sunny, and full of laughs. Actually, it’s a great date play. You can make it super interesting by inviting your “ex”. (hehehe).

MILF doesn’t run very long, so go now.


Red Sandcastle Theatre


922 Queen Street East



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