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Coming Up Soon — The 5th Annual 1000 Monkeys Play Writing Event – 2017

Five years ago, I arrived for the first-ever 1000 Monkeys Play Writing Event at the Red Sandcastle Theatre. Convened by the theatre’s Artistic Director, Rosemary Doyle, the event invited registered writers to converge on the theatre, laptops in hand. Settling in for the next 24 hours, we each create a play. Even more exciting, all the plays are given a reading, the following day(s).

This year, The 1000 Monkeys Play Writing Event begins: August 4, Friday, 6:00 pm and runs until August 5, Saturday, 6:00 pm.

Burke Campbell 001
Readings of the newly minted scripts will then be read on August 6, Sunday at 7:00 pm and on August 7, at 2:00 pm. (Actors, please volunteer for this momentous event!)

To keep the playwrights energized, the theatre itself provides mountains of delicious food, all donated by local restaurants. And boy is it good! All of it comes from Leslieville’s finest like The Roy Public House and Braised, and a number of other places. Ed’s Real Scoop provides Internet connectivity to the playwrights. (see links at end)

I had so much fun the first time, I just kept signing up. I created, in this order, these four plays:
1) Perilous Gossip – 2013
2) Beyond Belief – 2014 (which received a full production, 2015, at the Red Sandcastle)
3) The Wooden Sword – 2015
4) Too Many Surprises – 2016
5) ??? (to be created) – 2017

I urge fellow writers and would-be writers to attend. And actors, please volunteer for the script readings. It’s so much fun !

Contributors and supporters of the Event:

Braised Restaurant and Bar

The Roy Public House

Ed’s Real Scoop (Leslieville)

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