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(Left to Right)
Oscar Rangel (guitar/backing vocals)
Wojciech Sokolowski (bass/backing vocals)    David Michael Moote (vocals)                                                     Robin Howe (cello/backing vocals)
Rob Holden (guitar)
J. J. Tartaglia (drums)

OPERUS could never be considered ordinary. All of its musicians are highly trained, exceptional in their individual talents. The band merges a melodic, symphonic sound with the aggressive drive of metal, embellished with soaring, often haunted vocals.  Key members have knowledge of theatre and performance, and to see OPERUS live on stage, straight up, is electrifying. The band knows all the rules; how to break them all to hell.

© Burke Campbell 010

In Cenotaph, the Operus creates a forceful symphony, full of stories, rather like fairy tales, epic in scope.

© Burke Campbell 001

© Burke Campbell 002

The album contains finely controlled music, and lyrics that echo the inner life of those who have conquered, suffered exile, known war, travelled distant lands, found love, and felt its desolation. The songs can be interpreted in many ways, from many different angles. The complex album seems to lie outside of any given epoch or era.

The project began in 2009, as Oscar Rangel’s sought to create new compositions, evading the limits of any particular catagory. From then on, the work morphed in many ways, finally evolving into Cenotaph. For almost a decade, the band added and subtracted core members, until, at present, these men comprise Operus:

David Michael Moote (vocals)
Oscar Rangel (guitar/backing vocals)
Wojciech Sokolowski (bass/backing vocals)
Rob Holden (guitar)
Robin Howe (cello/backing vocals)
J. J. Tartaglia (drums)

© Burke Campbell 006 J J

© Burke Campbell 002

© Burke Campbell 007

The album is released worldwide on October 13, 2017 via Dark Star Records in Association with MVD Entertainment and Sony Music.
Get an idea of the music here:



Premiere performance in Toronto:



Burke Campbell 002

All photos by Burke Campbell



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